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Amiga repairs

Looking for a good repair or service guy for that "recap" everybody keeps talking about?
We added a new page to our site, listing some people we can recommend for the job:

Low-tech Facebook

Most of our community activity is on our Facebook group these days but accessing Facebook on your old and trusty Amiga Browser is a challenge (if not downright impossible) 

This is an attempt to fix that huge oversight by pulling in our Facebook Feed and displaying them here in a low-tech way.
Yey! finally a decent Facebook browser on your Amiga!

A few notes:

  • This is still very alpha-stage: updates are usually done once each day and it might break at any time.
  • As we are a Belgian Group, most of the posts are in Dutch or French.
  • Since Facebook strips out all "personal" info out of their feeds, the name of the poster is not displayed (yet ... working on that)

So: here we go!

Amiga Club Belgium Facebook Messages

Live in about 15 minutes at 20:00 CET - Chips & Bricks episode number 49 : Amiga 500 40KB Intros, played live from real hardware - -

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Posted by Peter Smets on 13 June at 19:44
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Lets play all Amiga games...part 3.

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Posted by Gieles Verlinden on 13 June at 11:41
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Is er nog iemand die een 500 amiga over heeft voor verkoop? Ik zoek er namelijk eentje voor een vriend van mij. Die is weer helemaal Amiga gek geworden, oude liefde roest niet he 😁.

Posted by Renny Becker on 12 June at 13:03 - 2 comments
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Coming up this Sunday at 20:00 CET, Chips & Bricks episode 49 : Amiga 500 40KB Intros - Dont want to forget ? Join the Facebook event to help you remember -

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Posted by Peter Smets on 11 June at 22:09
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Ik heb een vraag.. Voor mijn A2000 had ik een terrible fire 534 gekocht @050 mhz. Ik neem aan dat ik mmulibs moet installeren en dan mmumaprom kan gebruiken? Of Niet?

Posted by Van Den Bossche Jurgen on 10 June at 20:42 - 2 comments
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