Belgian Amiga Club

Meeting June 4 2022

Finally, The first meeting after Corona.

This time we gathered at the premises of Chiro Zwijndrecht.

BIG SPACE! Lot's of room for the 30-40 Amiga-fans that showed up, most of them bringing their own machines.

The full range of commodore and Amiga history was present, going from the first Commodore computer of the late seventies to one of the latest.


And of course, there were a lot of goodies to be found.


We were super happy to see all those machines.
It was a nice mix of the old, the more recent, the weird and the wonderful.

A SAM440 pulling weather maps out of the air.


A breadboard prototype of .... what was it exactly?


Some classics looked brand new!


And some other oldies took some more persuasion to boot


This year the headliner was a pixel/drawing competition with a truly nice price to win: a fully pimped out PiStorm Amiga 500. (The fastest Classic Amiga in da house!)


But of course you had to battle for such a price!
The participants got 2 hours to create a pixel graphic - on the Amiga - with the subject of "Jay Miners Dog" (You know ... the one that got a paw-print on the inside of an Amiga 1000 case, next to the signature of all the engineers.)

Some contenders started right away! Here, Sharon is laying out the first pixels of what would turn into the winning image. There was no escape (haha)


Some more Art with the A of Amiga: Kris, creating his pixel-dog


And Wannes doing his thing (in full AGA nonetheless!)


In the end, 5 contesters had the guts to actually deliver a pixel work:

The audience took a vote, scoring every image on creativity, technical-skills and amusement-factor.
In the end it was a very close race for the number 1 position, with the top spot only 2 votes away from the runner-up.
These are the final results, from top left to bottom:

  • ranking 5th: an abstract work by Lars (made on the PI-Storm Amiga no less)
  • ranking 4th: a strong concept by Kris
  • ranking 3rd: a true statement by Frank
  • ranking 2nd: a very well pixeled Miner-dog by Wannes
  • ranking 1st and going home with our grand price: a glorious masterpiece by Sharon.


Here are our winners.
(No idea why Kevin is holding that Amiga... Sharon did all the work!)


Congratulations! Well deserved.

This edition, Simon broke the sad news he would be stepping down as chairman of the club.
Needless to say, after 20 years, he deserved a fitting goodbye present:
his own Belgian Amiga Club "Boing Beer" (Beer that makes you go *Boing*)


And as a thank you present, we made an old-school Amiga Demo. The demo is still to be finalized with all the scrolltext entries we collected that evening, so stay tuned for the release!)


And here's our (former) chairman delivering one of his legendary speeches.

The short version: "Eh ... Thank you?"
The long version: "Eh... I don't know what to so say, so... ehm.... Thank you? ... Yeah, that's about it"

All in all we hope everybody had a nice evening and see you next time!

Posted on 08/06/2022 by Steffest