Belgian Amiga Club

BAC Meeting 2024


The legendary BAC meeting is back!
Same AWESOME location, same format, same old Amiga fun and of course: a whole lot of Amiga's.


Saturday, September 21 - doors open at 13:00 and close at ...


Beatrijslaan 41, 2050 Antwerpen (LinkerOever)

Let's hope for a sunny day so you can enjoy your drink on the river-side terrace with a gorgeous view on the city.

Attention: this address is inside the Low Emission Zone!
(sorry about that)
So if you plan to bring your retro-gear with your equally retro car, you have a few options
- Park outside the LEZ and enjoy a beautiful walk with the lake "Galgenweel" at one side and the river "Schelde" at the other side. The border of that zone is 1KM away.
- Go official and buy a LEZ day pass (35 euro, yeah ...)
- Go rogue and hope for the best
More information about this zone and how to check you car can be found here.

If you do park outside the LEZ and have a huge amount of gear, give me ping and we'll organize a last-mile taxi service.
For all other cars, there's plenty of parking space in front of the building.

Free entry!

as always

Bring your machine!

There are tables and power plug enough for everybody.
So bring your retro computer gear, soldering irons, screwdrivers and chainsaws.
Show off your machine, do some repairs or play some games.

Shop! is present with a whole range of buyable goodies.
If you're looking for that super-special adapter, cable or plug - please order upfront and save on postage by collection it at the meeting.


This year we have a small but delightful selection of interesting talks and presentations, ranging from Sid-music over new Official Amiga machines like the A600GS and the A1222plus to new Unoffical Amiga machines like Pimiga 4 and AGS.

BAC Game competition!

Ok, we missed the deadline last year, but THIS year we'll have a genuine BAC game.
We won't disclose WHAT the game is, to keep a level playing field, but it's brand new, previously unreleased and made available at the meeting as physical floppy disk and as ADF file.
It works on a standard unexpanded Amiga 500 and beyond (600, 1200, A500-mini, ...) - emulated playing is of course also allowed on your modern machine.
There will be also a WHDload version available for those uber-expanded 4000 warped060, vamped080 or PiStormed68K super Amigas and other flying machines.
And the best part: remote playing is allowed as well, so if you can't make it to the meeting but have some time on your hands: download the ADF file of the game (that will be available on Saturday, September 21 from 13:00 on our site)
and send it back - with your saved highscore - to before the deadline of 22:00.

Wait, I lied ... That was not the best part...
THIS is the best part: A bunch of nice physical prices are to be won, so make sure to save those highscores!

Food! Drinks! Merch!

No doubt you'll get thirsty and hungry from this top-sport-gaming. Drinks are plenty at the bar and we'll also serve some food.
Don't expect star-quality, but it will be tasty and available and best of all: paying a few euros for our Commodore Burger and Hot Dogs will help pay for the location.
Next to that, there will be BRAND NEW Belgian Amiga T-Shirt available for you to buy, which will also help pay for the venue.


After the initial kick-off, the short but fun Amiga Quiz will return: Team up and show of your 733t Amiga knowledge.
Do you know the game of this screenshot? Do you recognise this game-tune? What group made this legendary demo?
and YES: here as well some very cool physical prizes can be won.


Much to our surprise, an actual Amiga demo was released last year at our party, so who knows....
Rest assured that IF you release something (ASCII Art? Pixel Art? a music Mod?) it will get shown at the center stage and you won't go home empty handed.

Time Schedule! (roughly, not cycle-exact, JIT enabled)

  • 13:00: Doors open
  • 16:00: The BIG Amiga Quiz
  • 16:30: Talks en Presentations
  • 17:00: Food
  • 18:00: Talks en Presentations 
  • 19:00: The BAC Game competition
  • 22:00: End of the BAC Game competition - deadline for all entries.

See you there and remember: Only Amiga makes it possible!