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Ok: Baby steps

Let's get the basics first: opening screens and windows, displaying something on the screen.
I've made a new repo on Github collecting all small examples.
If there are no building instructions you can compile them with:

  • Sas/C: type "mkmk" then "smake"
  • GCC: type "gcc -noixemul ****.c -o ****"

Let's not worry about portabilty at this point. The first goal is to get a program running that

  • runs fullscreen
  • displays an animated sprite 
  • listens for mouse and keyboard input
  • does some kind of performance test
  • exits gracefully on click

Maybe a bunnymark to test raw sprite perfomance?

My first semi-usefull program: detect if we are running on AGA Amiga or not. Yay! works fine.

Some interesting resources:

And some reading: 

Don't you love the internet!

Written on 07/04/2018 by Steffest

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