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Some nice achievements of the Belgian Amiga club:

BS1 disk archive

In the beginning of 2018 Simon acquired the complete Amiga Floppy Disk collection of Bamiga Sector One and together we transfered 12.236 physical disk to ADF
(Twelve Thousand !!!)
The complete archive is available for download here


Launch the BS1 Archive

This is a list of Amiga related projects by our members.
If you are from Belgium and have a cool Amiga-related project you want to add, drop us a line.


Webbased image editor modeled after the legendary Deluxe Paint with a focus on retro Amiga file formats.
Next to modern image formats, DPaint.js can read and write Amiga icon files and IFF ILBM images.

Free and open source.

Launch Dpaint.js

Amiga 1200+

Jeroen Vandezande is re-implementing (and improving) the Amiga 1200 board and is creating his own custom hardware.
What??? Really???  - Yes, really.
Read all about it on the project page

Visit the project page


Bassoon tracker is an Amiga inspired old-school music tracker in your browser.
It supports Amiga MOD files and FastTracker XM files.
Browse the HUGE music libraries of the Modarchive and or create your own tunes from scratch.
Bassoontracker is a pet-project of Steffest.

Launch Bassoon Tracker

Emerald Mines Online

What's Emereld Mine? Oh ... only the BEST game EVER.
Emerald Mines Online is the largest collection of Emerald Mine Disks on this planet.
Download them to play on your real hardware or take your pick from 50.000+ levels to play online.
The level editor is a still unfinished, but since it's all Open Source you're all good.
The caretaker of Emerald Mines Online is Steffest.

Launch Emerald Mines Online

Amiga Development Blog

Steffest is keeping track of his baby-steps in Amiga-dev land. (Mostly so he doesn't fall in the same traps twice a dozen times)
Read all about it on his Amiga Dev blog

Visit the Amiga Dev Blog

Tosec Checker

Browser based tool by Steffest to quickly check if your .ADF or .DMS images are already in TOSEC or not.
Explore the content of your ADF and extract files from it.

Launch Tosec tool

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