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Ok... so this happened

Amiga X5000

The Amiga X5000 - most powerful Amiga you can actually buy new anno 2021.
Lovely machine - certainly the fastest Amiga I ever used. it's a 2Ghz PPC processor with 2GB of Ram.
Doesn't run Classic OS3 of course - so enter OS4!

Hmm... I really want to love this machine, but it saddens me to say that OS4 is a bit... erm... crap.
MorphOS also runs on the machine though, and that's one snappy and polished OS! 

Well, let's at least TRY to give OS4 some love.
I was pleased to see my little system-friendly UI programs run out-of-the-box on it.
Must be some on the fly CPU emulation to translate 68k binaries to PPC?

Yes, OS4 has Petunia and MorhOS has Trance (So I learned)
With some careful planning, it doesn't seem too far fetched to produce 1 single binary that works on all these systems.

I wonder if I can use stuff like network libraries and AHI etc.
-> to check out!

While I was fiddling with C again, I made an attempt to a more "structured" approach.
Just a simple button-example, but the goal was to find a coding structure that works for me and that I can use as scaffolding to build upon.

I have totally no idea if this is "how you're supposed to do it" but it works, I can wrap my head around it and it feels right.

Written on 01/04/2021 by Steffest

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