Belgian Amiga Club

Amiga 1200+

By Jeroen Vandezande


This project is a re-implementation of the Amiga 1200 board started from the schematics.
I made some changes and enhancements to the original schematics.


This project is Open Source: more on Bitbucket

This is a rendering of the final product:
Image: a1200+ rendering

And some pictures of the real thing!

Image: a1200+ PCB

The Ram Board has arrived, soon will start populating that one...
Image: A1200plus ram board

Power-on reset of the keyboard controller and reset lines all over the board are working fine... I made sure that the reset was hold low for at least 450 ms.
Image: a1200 reset

Here is a picture of the connector on the bottom of the RamBoard and one on the main board... there will be 3 of those in a row
Image: a1200+ ramboard connector

Finished Test RamBoard ... and it fits on the mainboard!
Image: A1200+ finished ram board

Rev 1, hopefully this one will give me some screen output...