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So I got myself a Rasberry Pi 4

I love it!
At first I was not impressed at all as it was very slow with the default raspian Linux, but then I tried DietPi - much better!
(And ofcourse Amiberry is also kind of cool)
I did have to fiddle a lot to get everything up and running though.

My main problem was that VNC did not work when no monitor was attached to the PI.

It worked fine when you connect a monitor, boot DietPi and disconnect te monitor, but not in complete headless mode.
after a loooooooon evening of trying and googling I finally found this post and this explanation.

So it's a bug in vncserver. The workaround that did the trick for me was to set the "view only" password as the normal password using vncpasswd.
When running headless, the VNC settings are in /DietPi/dietpi.txt - edit that to set the resolution and the screen ID (to 0 for easy of use): the config is in the main /DietPi/dietpi.txt
Then execute a "vncserver start" and a "vncserver stop"

More: the ssh client on the Amiga is to old I guess, but telnet works (I had to install the telnet deamon on the Pi).
to start Chromium with fullscreen enabled: chromium-browser --start-fulscreen (then F11, which is a bit annoying as the Amiga keyboard only goes to F10 :-))

More to come!

Written on 03/09/2020 by Steffest

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